What is 3D EVENTS?

3D EVENTS is a one-stop platform dedicated to ticketing of events & trade fair industry. 3D EVENTS is an event discovery platform that lists comprehensive information about concerts, tours, plays, trade fairs, sporting events, seminars, conferences, training and workshops enabling event discovery and ticketing. It connects organizers and attendees seamlessly, helping organizers list, promote and sell tickets all at one place and reach out to their target audience on an easy to use digital platform. We are a proud "Go-Green" initiative and we seek to make the entire event process paperless.

What events are published / listed on 3D EVENTS?

3D EVENTS lists information about concerts, plays, trade fairs, sports, seminars, conferences, spiritual events, corporate training, workshops, and the entire gamut of events. It is the go-to portal to be in the loop about what's happening, where and book tickets instantly.

How much does it cost to post an event?

The process of event listing is completely free

How many cities is 3D EVENTS available in?

3D EVENTS lists events all over India and is aggressively working towards an international presence.

What are the advantages of partnering 3D EVENTS?

3D EVENTS is a unique platform dedicated entirely to events and trade-fairs industry. It covers the entire gamut of events from concerts, plays, trade fairs, seminars, conferences, training, workshops and all events happening in the city. It attracts a large number of unique visitors with high conversion rate due to effortless online ticketing; there are also innovative promotional strategies to ensure visibility on the website and across social platforms along with uniquely tailored content with embedded call to action to boost ticket sales.

How Can I Contact You?

Please vist Contact Us Page for all your queries and redressal of grievances.

How do I provide feedback?

We would love to make your experience even better. Our teams are looking forward to hearing from you at Contact Us.

What support does 3D EVENTS provide?

3D EVENTS provides dedicated support via email and phone. Please vist Contact Us

What can 3D EVENTS do for an Event?

3D EVENTS allows an organizer to include all the information about an event in an easy listing. The organizer can choose from different promotional plans to enhance visibility. It also increases conversion ratio as the user audience is highly targeted and hyper-local